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48 Hour Holter Monitoring

48 Hour Holter Monitoring

The 48 hour Holter monitor is a mobile unit the size of a cellular phone that the patient wears for a two day period. The Holter is used to assess the electrical activity of the heart throughout the patient’s regular day to day activities. Patients will be hooked up to the monitor with 5 leads connecting electrodes to locations on the chest. During the monitoring period, patients will be asked to generate a diary of symptoms they had which will be used by the analyst to correlate arrhythmia with symptom.


Holter monitors are a non-invasive tool specialized in the capture of abnormal rhythms associated with the heart's conduction system. Patients who report frequent symptoms relating to possible cardiac causes (i.e. palpitations, dizziness) should be requisitioned for a 48 hour Holter monitor.

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