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About Us

Murray Miller, MD, FRCPC

Murray Miller, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Murray Miller received his medical degree from the University of Manitoba in 1982 and his residency in radiology at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, where he was Chief Resident in 1987. He has served as Chief Radiologist at Queensway Hospital in Toronto, and is the managing director of Ontario Diagnostic Centres, which operates imaging centres in Mississauga and Toronto. Dr. Miller is the past President of the Medical Staff Association of the Trillium Health Centre, and has served on the Board of Directors of Trillium Health Centre and the Trillium Health Centre Foundation. Dr. Miller is a director of the Ontario Association of Radiologists, and past director the Council of Medical Imaging. He is a member council of the Ontario Medical Association. He has been an advisor to the Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences, the Ontario Breast Screening Program and the Canadian Institute for Health Information Telematics and Informatics Working Group.


Dr. Miller is an active consultant to a number of medical imaging companies, served as the Medical director of Cedara Software and advisor to its successor, Merge Healthcare. He is on the advisory board of Meditech Partners, a healthcare technology fund and is a director of Covalon Technologies.


Dr. Miller’s practice is in general radiology with an emphasis on women’s imaging including mammography, ultrasound and bone densitomitry. In addition he has an active practice in nuclear medicine, CT scanning and interventional biopsies.


Publications Include:


Supratentorial Hemangioblastomas in Von Hippel Lindau Disease
Miller MH, Tucker W, Bilbao JM
J Can Assoc Radiol 37:35, 1986.


Surgical Neuroangiography In The Treatment of Epistaxis
Presented at the annual meeting of the RSNA 1986, Published in the Proceedings.


Lymphofollicular Pattern in the Pediatric Colon
Miller MH, Stringer D, Daneman A,
J Can Assoc Radiol 1988


Breast Cancer Screening in The 40-49 Year Age Group
Miller, M. Yaffe, M. Jong, R. Miller, W
ICES published for MOH


Breast Cancer Screening in The 50-59 Year Age GroupMiller, M. Yaffe, M. Jong, R. Miller, W
ICES published for MOH


Implementing a Screening Program for Breast Cancer, A Radiologist's Perspective
Miller, M.
ICES published for MOH


OAR Teleradiology Standards


CAR Teleradiology Standards

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