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About Us

Ontario Diagnostic Centres was founded in the early ‘70s with a single location in Etobicoke. The founding radiologists were providing service to the former Queensway Hospital. Acquisition of a number of sites in Mississauga in 1997 corresponded with the merger of the Queensway and Mississauga Hospitals to form Trillium Health Centre. The Mississauga offices were relocated and new equipment was purchased. In 2005, the Rexdale location was established in order to offer a new level of service to north Etobicoke. Then in 2009 the facilities at Etobicoke Medical Centre were integrated, offering our referring physicians and patients state of the art diagnostic imaging along with pulmonary function and cardiac services.


The pulmonary specialists from William Osler Health Centre in Etobicoke are now offering pulmonary function testing at the Radiology Associates Etobicoke location. Ontario Diagnostic Centres has also created a partnership with a group of cardiologists from the University Health Network in Toronto to bring state of the art diagnostic and consultative services to the west GTA.

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